Slinker Lures, plastic fishing worms

Cade and his catch on Slinker

Cade' Mom and her catch on Slinker

Cade and his bass on Slinker

Chris Hall and the biggest bass of his life!

Travis Moore and Bass using Texas rigged Slinker Jr.

Dale Clark and a huge bass
Kevin Smart fishing Canadian waters
for this big Northern Pike

This is a pic of a northern pike caught in canada on a pearl Slinker thrown weightless like a twitch bait.

Garrett and his lunker

Shawn Clark and another huge bass

Joe and bass

Travis Moore and small mouth bass.

Nightfishing with Slinker!

Kyle fishing on Grandma's pond

Shawn Clark with another largemouth
bass caught on Slinker.

Dad and Slinker catching Bass
on Beaver Lake

Throwing a bubblegum slinker weightless at sunrise.

Let's go fishing!

4 year old Cade with bass he caught using a Slinker.

Snake in defensive position.
Great shape!

U.S. Patent # D453,205 S

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