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The Slinker Story

Shawn Clark, Owner of Slinker Fishing LuresSlinker creator Shawn Clark grew up fishing with his dad in Arkansas lakes and the Arkansas River. It was on one such fishing trip after he graduated college that Shawn first had the idea to create Slinker plastic lures.

Fishing a bank from his flat-bottomed boat, he was throwing plastic jerk bait when he saw a small snake swimming towards his boat, inching under the water and slinking above the water again. Shawn remembers, "After a few minutes of watching this snake, a four or five pound bass came out of the water at the front left of the boat, just about the same area I was fishing a plastic jerk bait, and swallowed the snake whole. That bass came within 10 inches of my boat. That instant stuck in my head."

After taking over a family owned live bait business in Northwest
Arkansas in 1999, Shawn got serious about manufacturing his product. He spent the next year trying to style an S-shaped lure that would hold its shape, look like a snake and wiggle like a worm.

He whittled a plaster of paris mold, filling it with rubber and trying to achieve the action of a natural worm without twisting the fishing line. Almost five years, four molds and several trips to the lake
later, Shawn was finally satisfied that he had perfected the mold. "I took it out and started catching a lot of big fish. My plastic worm design seemed to call on the fish's predator instinct to bite."

Feeling confident that he had created a lure that other anglers would enjoy fishing as much as he did, Shawn patented his design and began working to produce Slinker. "The biggest thrill for me is to watch someone else catch fish on this," said Shawn. "I'm a normal guy who likes to fish. I developed this product for guys like me."

In May of 2002, Clark began selling Slinker lures on his web site,, and added Slinker to his line of live bait products, including Canadian, African and European night crawlers, red worms, crickets and pre-packaged frozen bait. He currently services sports shops, marinas and convenience stores in the Arkansas River area, and subcontracts service to clients in Oklahoma, Missouri and other areas of Arkansas. "We sell our clients our service, and a product we stand behind. I'm on call 24 hours a day and I'm happy to do it," said Shawn.

U.S. Patent # D453,205 S

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