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"There are no other soft plastic lures on the market that compare to the realism of this plastic worm. Designed to mimic the shape and action of a live snake, yet retain the versatility of a soft plastic worm, Slinker Lures can take your fishing to the next level."

- Shawn Clark, Inventor/Owner     

Slinker Lures catching bass
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slinker lures plastic worms

Giant Bass fishing with Slinker.

The Slinker ProductSlinker catches bass

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"Slinker Lure is unlike any plastic worm out there. Its patented S-shape, it is totally irresistible to fish— they just can’t believe it’s not a live worm or a snake.” -Fishing Tackle Retailer, April 2003

Slinker lures is now offering the full spectrum for the angler's needs with the addition of the NEW Slinker Jr., along with some exciting new products soon to be offered. The new Slinker Jr. is perfect for anglers who like fishing finesse, drop shot, or just fishing a smaller worm. Check back soon for new products!




Slinker Lures plastic worms for fishing
Fishing a big redfish with Slinker.

SLINKER is the answer you've been looking for!  
Buy the new Slinker Lure and give yourself an excuse to go fishing. Fishing reduces stress, which is known to have negative effects on a person's health. Grab your child, brother, dad or buddy and head to the lake to try the new Slinker Lure you just received. Get your son out from in front of the video games and teach him an activity that all generations of your family can enjoy together. Slinker Lure is easy to use, has an exciting realistic life-like appearance and movement in the water, and draws in fish for lots of bites, action and catches! And, you won't go broke as Slinker Lures cost less than $6.00 per pack of eight lures, and can be rigged and fished multiple ways. So when that lure ends up tangled in a tree or snagged on the bottom, just reach for one of the other seven in the pack and keep enjoying the day.


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Slinker Lures is happy to be working with provides difficult to find fishing information and tips for lakes in southern Ontario and surrounding regions.



U.S. Patent # D453,205 S

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