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Slinker Frequently Asked Questions

Question? What is Slinker?

Answer: Slinker is a soft plastic bait. Slinker is designed to mimic a live worm or small snake. Slinker puts off a huge amount of vibrations when pulled through the water. When Slinker is pulled the body stretches out allowing the tail to act like a rudder wagging back and forth. This makes the bait move though the water swimming like a small snake or worm. Slinker, when stopped in the water, retracts back into a defensive “S” or strike position the same shape a disturbed live worm or defensive snake does. This triggers the violent strikes.

Question: How long is the original Slinker and the Slinker Jr.?

Answer: The original Slinker is approximately 8” when stretched out while being pulled through the water. The bait retracts back to around 4” in the “S” position.

Slinker Jr. is approximately 6” when stretched out while being pulled through the water. The bait retracts back to around 4” in the “S” position.

Question: How do you recommend fishing Slinker?

Answer: Slinker is probably the most versatile plastic bait on the market. I would recommend fishing Slinker the way you enjoy fishing normally. You can fish it Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, with a jig head, or casted weightless with a worm hook embedded to make it weedless. All of these are very effective, some are more productive at different times of the year and the varying water temperatures. I absolutely love to fish Slinker weighless with a 3/0 worm hook in the spring and fall for incredible explosive strikes. In the summer I Texas rig Slinker with a 2/0-3/0 worm hook and a 1/4-3/8 oz. worm sinker. In addition I always have a Carolina rigged Slinker Jr. tied on a spinning rod. Check out the different riggings>

Question: How many Slinkers are in a package?

Answer: There packaged eight per pack.

Question: How long will it take to get my order of Slinkers?

Answer: We try to ship within 3 business days of your order. Slinkers are shipped by U.S. Mail. Orders of 5 bags or more will weigh more and go U.S. Priority mail. Orders of four or less bags are shipped first class.

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U.S. Patent # D453,205 S

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