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I just wanted to let you know you have a great product in the Slinker worm. My friend Gene Carter and I tried out the slinkers I received this past week. I ordered an assortment of colors both in regular and jr sizes. This is the best lure I have had in my tackle box in many years. On the first cast with the watermelon color I caught a 2 pounder, we fished for five hours and caught 46 bass, lost at least that many. They were taking both the regular and jr the same, just put in the water and you have a fish. I will be ordering several more bags of the slinker as soon as my friends pick the colors they want me to get for them.

Mr Carter is 76 years young, I am 71 years, we have both been fishing quit a while and were amased at the action and the way the fish were taking the lures.

Herbert Solt
Smiths Station, Alabama
June, 2007

IJust wanted to let you know we got our Slinkers on Saturday and went out fishing today which is Monday July 18th, 2005... Within 15 minutes of fishing Lissa caught her first bass using the Watermelon Seed Slinker worm..

Then just a few minutes later I caught my 1 bass on the same thing. Only was able to fish about 1 hour, got dark and had to leave. We're excited about your product and can't wait to try it again tomorrow..


Lenny and Lissa
Charleston, SC

Hello, Just wanted to let you know how much I like your Slinker worms. I used them for the first time Friday after Thanksgiving when I took my nephew fishing. The wind was blowing at about 30-35 miles per hour so there was not to many places we could fish on this small lake. My nephew is an excellent fisherman and usually will beat me fishing. We fished for about 5 hours and at the end I had caught 4 fish on the Slinker worm and he was using a crank bait and a wacky worm. He did not catch the first fish that day. The Slinker worm came thru for me the first time I used it. I came home to see about ordering some more and had forgotten where I bought them. I finally found the package in my fishing tackle and went on my computer and found your web site. Now I can order some more and also tell my friends where they can get them. I also see you now have the Slinker, Jr. I will order them also, as I thank you could use them wacky style and catch fish. When I get some and go fishing and catch some fish I will let you know the outcome. Thanks again for such a good fishing worm for my bass fishing. Maybe before long you will have some that are scented.

Ron Millican

I would like to take this time and say what a great worm lure. I was
pitching a green pumpkin slinker into heavy vegetation and on the second pitch, BAM, a 2 1/2 pound bass. A nearby fisherman saw the action (splashes) and questioned what I was using. I replied, its a worm called "slinker", and he kindly took down your website.

The slinker Jr is also great (versatile). I can use it on light tackle or baitcast with a 1/8 to 1/4 bullet weight. So, far I bought three slinkers worms and four slinker jr. Again, WHAT A GREAT WORM!

E. T.
Laurel, MD

Got the worms, They are great!! Let me know when the 6" worms are available.

Columbia, MO

Congratulations for coming up with this marvelous invention. It is too much! After just finding out about your lures, I watched one of your videos a few minutes ago. WOW! Your bait looks so real that I wanted to swat my monitor to kill that live, evil looking thing myself. I am totally sold on what you have created here my fishing friend. This is THE Slinkiest soft plastic to come along since the original Mr. Twister curly tailed grub, made the scene a few decades back. If that innovative brainchild (of Mr. G.Carver) was a killer bait, then your creation is at least twice as deadly with it's built-in double ripple design that literally comes to life with even just a little forward motion, from the fisherman. This, I believe is the important part of the equation. Plenty of action without the need for speed. Other curlytails can't compete with that.

P.S. I have been fishing since before Mr. Twister ever came down the pike and I have watched a lot of decent lures come and go since then. Your lures look absolutely deadly and will be sticking around for a l-o-n-g time!

All the best...


I am breaking into the pro bass fishing world. I have been fishing for about 30 years. I came across your plastics from the advice of a friend and had a great experience. We were using the Slinker in Watermelon Seed Red Flake in a bass pond that only a handful of people know about here in Colorado. The pond was closed many years. The State Wildlife Division has incorporated this large pond into their wildlife area but nobody knows about it. There are an abundance of crawfish for the bass to eat as well as shad. We went 4 times and caught 2 fish total. When we went the 5th time, my friend from Canada gave me your plastics and BAM!!!, I caught a 6lb, 5oz. bass. We ended up catching 11 fish in 2 hours. I would love to have your plastics with me at all times, especially when I fish areas that are being pressured heavily and the fish are familiar with the lures and plastics being thrown.

Parker, CO

I've heard great succsess stories on your new plastic. And I'm ready to try them out. I was wondering if they will hit sport stores here in Iowa? I really hope they will. I love fishing soft plastics, and I'm ready for a new soft plastic to fool those bass!!!!!

J. V.

U.S. Patent # D453,205 S

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