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Why Use Plastic Worms for Fishing?

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With so many options for bait and lures available, one might wonder what the advantages of one type over the others are. While personal preference and taste are as varied as the fishermen themselves, there are several concrete reasons why the Plastic Worm is considered the Best Lure of All.

1. The Plastic Worm Catches Fish!

The Plastic Worm is the Best Single Bait for Catching the Most Fish, for the Most People, Most Consistently, according to professional fishermen. Professionals have said that no other lure gives the angler a better chance to catch fish. This conclusion is supported by reports that the Plastic Worm has played a role in more tournament wins than any other bait or lure.

2. The Plastic Worm is Versatile.

In addition to the simple fact that the Plastic Worm catches fish, there are other factors that contribute to the artificial bait's popularity. Versatility is a major feature that differentiates the Plastic Worm from other lures and baits. Again, tournament winners have proclaimed that the Plastic Worm is the most Versatile bait ever made. It can be used in diverse conditions for an assortment of fish. It can be fished in creeks, ponds, rivers, lakes and the ocean. Soft Plastic Worms can be fished on the surface or deep, clear water or murky, summer or winter. Plastic Worms have caught all kinds of fish including bass, striper, pike, muskee, walleye, redfish, crappie, etc. This versatility is due to the fact that Plastic Worms are made in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and colors. There are also numerous ways and techniques to fish the Plastic Worm-Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Weightless Rig, Drop-Shot, finesse, pitching and flipping, etc. Therefore, they are applicable in many different situations.

3. The Plastic Worm is Inexpensive and Easy to Use.

Compared to other artificial lures such as crank baits, spinner baits, buzz baits, etc., Plastic Worms, in general, are more affordable. Shoppers can usually buy a multi-pack of Plastic Worms for the same or less cost as ONE of another class of lure. So, if a worm is lost while fishing, another is readily available and doesn't cost a small fortune to replace.

They are also easy to rig and easy to store when not being used. Plastic Worms are not as messy or smelly as live bait, do not require cooling like some live bait, and have a longer shelf life.

These are the three main reasons many consider Plastic Worms to be the Best Lures available.

If Plastic Worms are not part of your fishing repertoire, ORDER some TODAY and find out what you've been missing!

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