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Slinker Plastic fishing worms, artificial bait

The closest thing to natural bait in the artificial bait category...
Slinker plastic worms have a patented S-shape that not only makes them look different compared to traditional plastic worms, but also makes them more versatile and lifelike.

Slinker is ideal for catching largemouth, Kentucky and small mouth bass and Northern pike.

Slinker worms come in bags of 8 and are available in many different colors.


I am very excited to introduce all six of the new colors to the Slinker product line.
Slinker Lures, plastic fishing worms

Chameleon Green (pictured above) is a brand new color. It is very unique and for now can only be found here at Slinker. Chameleon green appears as a glistening deep natural brown and purple, but when you hold it up to light it changes its appearance to a watermelon seed green. I created this and discovered it is a very effective color. I have already had several anglers tell me about their success with this color. A lot of people like to fish with a purple worm, but also like the natural colors of browns and greens. Chameleon green is a great combination of these colors. Give it a try. It will be a great addition to your tackle box.

Watermelon Seed Copper Flake is a color that combines the tried and true fish catching color and copper flake. I believe the addition of copper flake is great attractant. During my research I found that in the heat of summer the watermelon seed copper flake consistently produced bites when fished that the watermelon seed did not.

Green Pumpkin Seed Copper Flake is a proven fish catching color with the extra attraction of the copper flake. I found this color quickly became one of my favorites.

Green Pumpkin Seed with Purple and Copper Flake is a color that produces fish. This universal color works well in clear and brackish stained water. I think this color is identical to a wet Cottonmouth snake and that is a perfect natural match with Slinker.

Red Shad is a great plastic worm color. It has been fished with by many anglers for years and is still very popular. Red shad is the color black laminated to a carefully blended pearlescent red. This is to imitate an injured shad. This is a color that has been requested by many of customers to be added to the Slinker assortment of colors.

Black is one of the most versatile colors. This color of Slinker works well when casted weightless with a 3/0 worm hook and twitched in the shallows around the grass and brush. Black has been a productive color for fishing stained water and is often fished at night Texas rigged.

I think these 6 colors are a great compliment to the Slinker line. They are very effective colors that are a natural match to the Slinker design and action.

Chameleon Green
Watermelon Seed Copper Flake
Green Pumpkin Seed Copper Flake
Green Pumpkin Seed with Ppurple and Copper Flake
Red Shad
Black / Red Flake  
Bubble Gum  
Green Pumpkin  
Red Bug  
Watermelon Candy  
Watermelon Seed  
Watermelon Seed Red Flake  

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"There are no other soft plastics on the market
that compare to the realism of this plastic worm.
I should know since I grow and look at millions of live worms through my worm farm and wholesale live bait business every year.

Slinker is already proving to be the piece of the puzzle that catches fish consistently without using live bait.

Slinker lures now offers a full spectrum for your fishing needs with the addition of the New Slinker Jr. If you like fishing finesse, drop shot, or just fishing a smaller worm Slinker Jr. is for you."

- Shawn Clark

Slinker Jr. comes 8 per pack.

Watermelon Candy  
Watermelon Seed  
Green Pumpkin  
Pumpkin Seed  

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Slinker Texas Rig
The Texas Rig
Shawn's favorite

The Weightless Rig
Unmatched action and realism

The Weighted Head Rig
Slides through the brush and looks alive

The Carolina Rig
Great movement and vibration



Insert hook with round part down and flat top away from
hook shaft.

Slinker T-Shirts Available in Black and White
$13.99 each


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U.S. Patent # D453,205 S

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