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Why Slinker?

Slinker Fishing Lures, plastic worms, snake like motion

What SLINKER Can Do for YOU!

Fishermen consider Plastic Worms the Best Bait ever made.

Slinker Lures' Patented S-Shape Design takes Plastic Worms even Further!

After watching a huge bass devour a small snake swimming by the plastic worm he was fishing, Shawn Clark, Slinker Lure Inventor, decided to design a lure that would mimic the natural shape AND motion of a small snake. As an avid soft plastic worm fan, though, Clark wanted his lure to maintain the versatility anglers enjoyed with other plastic worms. After multiple tweaks and trials of his design, Clark found the fit he was looking for with what is, today, the Slinker Lure.


Slinker not only attracts fish with its realistic natural prey appearance, but adds a deeper element. Slinker's patented design produces incredible life-like movement and action as the lure is pulled through the water. The vibrations made by the lure trigger the fish's Lateral Line System, a special sense organ that detects vibration in the water. Fish use this Lateral Line System to locate prey outside of their visual range-thereby, expanding their feeding zone and expanding YOUR target zone.

So, not only does Slinker have a more realistic appearance than other plastic worms, but it adds the life-like action of natural prey, stimulating the fish's lateral line system. This combination of both visual and vibratory stimulation doubles your chances of provoking the fish's reflexive feeding behavior, consequently, doubling your chances of landing more fish!
Unlike other snake lures, though, Slinker maintains the versatility of soft plastic fishing worms.

Not happy limiting Slinker fishers to top water fishing only, like other snake lures, Clark designed Slinker Lure for use with multiple techniques and applications. You can fish Slinker Texas Rigged, Texas Twitch Rigged, Carolina Rigged, Weightless Rigged, Drop-Shot, Finesse Rigged, or rigged with Split Shot. Slinker can be cast using traditional techniques, but is excellent with Pitching and Flipping techniques as well. Slinker comes in three different sizes and in an assortment of colors so you have plenty of options for use in various environments. And you can use Slinker in both freshwater and salt water.

Slinker's versatility is not limited to just rigging preference, technique, color choice and size, though.

Slinker is versatile in the VARIETY of FISH you can catch with it. Slinker is most often used as a Bass Lure, but has been used to catch Striper, Pike, Redfish, Crappie, etc.

This winning combination of natural appearance, life-like motion, and maximum versatility separates Slinker from the pack and takes soft plastic worms to the next level.

Let Slinker Lures take YOUR Fishing to the Next Level, too!

See For Yourself.

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U.S. Patent # D453,205 S

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